universal club

melamine desking UniversalClub Main


Universal compact workstations has been designed for business with a need to construct a workspace around an individual role by creating a modular station which can be increased or descreased when the need arises. This kind of worksations eliminates dry walling & allows for item storage

4 Way Back to Back Work Station

Top Sizes
1200 x 1000 / 1600 x 1000 / 1800 x 1000

Additional Range Pieces

  • melamine desking universalclub 2wayworkstation

     2 Way Back to Back Workstation

    Top Sizes
    1200 x 1000
    1600 x 1000
    1800 x 1000

  • melamine desking universalclub 6wayworkstation

    6 Way Back to Back Workstation

  • melamine desking universal club end storage

    End Storage Unit


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